Eva Henje Blom, MD.

Eva Henje Blom, MD, PhD

Specialist/Visiting Scholar, Department of Psychiatry, UCSF
Department of Clinical Neuroscience, Karolinska Institutet, Sweden

Eva Henje Blom, MD, PhD received her medical training and PhD at Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm, Sweden. She is a specialist in child and adolescent psychiatry and has been working clinically in the CAP clinic of Stockholm since 1995, with a focus on adolescent depression since 2002. She has been teaching about adolescent depression and child psychiatric diagnostic assessment at Karolinska Institutet to both medical students and staff.

She has additional clinical experience working with stress-related disorders in adults at PBM of Sweden, an organization that she helped to found. At the PBM clinic, such techniques as respiratory and heart rate variability biofeedback and cognitive behavioral therapy are successfully being used to treat stress-related disorders.

Dr. Henje Blom has a deep interest in contemplative practices and their clinical and scientific applications, and she has been teaching yoga and mindfulness in school settings and at a Yogayama, a yoga center in Stockholm that she and a colleague founded in 2003, as well as to students and staff at Karolinska Institutet. She is also teacher trained in yoga, Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction and Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy for depression relapse prevention.

Her previous research at the Department of Clinical Neuroscience and the Osher Center for Integrative Medicine at Karolinska Institutet focused on autonomic regulation in adolescents with depression and anxiety, based on a large clinical sample of adolescents. She is currently a visiting scholar at the Department of Psychiatry at UCSF, and her current research focuses on cross-sectional functional MRI (fMRI) investigations of key brain regions involved with mood dysregulation in adolescent depression and the effect of early onset of depression on accelerated cellular aging.

She has contributed to the development of a novel treatment strategy for adolescent depression based on the current neuroscientific understanding of depression and brain development, which is inspired by yoga and mindfulness practices for improved autonomic and emotional self-regulation. Her current study, Training for Awareness, Resilience, and Action (TARA), is a collaboration between the UCSF Department of Psychiatry and the UCSF Osher Center for Integrative Medicine and aims to develop and test efficacy and feasibility of the model and elucidate how possible brain mechanisms targeted in the treatment are related to recovery from depressive symptoms in adolescents.

The Developing Brain, Teenage Mood Dysregulation, and What We Can Do to Help”

Selected Peer-Reviewed Publications

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