Research Team Publications

Michael Acree, PhD

Peer Reviewed Articles:

Wrubel, J., Acree, M., Goodman, S., & Folkman, S., “End of living: Maintaining a lifeworld during terminal illness,” Psychology and Health, 24:1229-1243, 2009.

Moskowitz, J.T., Hult, J., Bussolari, C., & Acree, M., “What works in coping with HIV? A meta-analysis with implications for coping with serious illness,” Psychological Bulletin, 135:121-141, 2009.

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Wong, A.P., Clark, A.L., Garnett, E.A., Acree, M., Cohen, S.A., Ferry, G.D., & Heyman, M. B., “Use of complementary medicine in pediatric patients with inflammatory bowel disease: Results from a multicenter survey,” Journal of Pediatric Gastroenterology and Nutrition, 48:55-60, 2008.

Moskowitz, J.T., Epel, E.S., & Acree, M. (2008). Positive affect uniquely predicts lower risk of mortality in people with diabetes. Health Psychology, 27, S73-S82.

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Soskolne, V., Acree, M., & Folkman, S. (2000). Social support and mood in gay caregivers of men with AIDS. AIDS and Behavior, 4, 221-232.

Acree, M. (1999). The Evolution of Love Made Simple. Journal of Sex Research, 36, 109-110.

Acree, M., Ekstrand, M., Coates, T. .J., & Stall, R. (1999). Mode Effects in Surveys of Gay Men: A Within-Individual Comparison of Responses by Mail and by Telephone. Journal of Sex Research, 36(1), 67-75.

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Patricia Moran, PhD

Peer Reviewed Articles:

Rabkin, J.G., McElhiney, M., Moran P., Acree, M., Folkman, S. (2009). Depression, Distress and Positive Mood in Late-Stage Cancer: A Longitudinal Study.  Psycho-Oncology, 18(1), 79-86.

Moran, P. J., & Mohr, D. C. (2005). The validity of Beck Depression Inventory and Hamilton Rating Scale for Depression items in the assessment of depression among patients with multiple sclerosis. Journal of Behavioral Medicine, 1, 35-41.

Funk, G. F., Karnell, L. H., Christensen, A. J., Moran, P.J., & Gliklich, R. E. (2003). Comprehensive head and neck oncology health status assessment. Head and Neck, 25, 561-575.

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Christensen, A. J., Moran, P. J, & Wiebe, J. S. (1999). Assessment of irrational health beliefs: Relation to health practices and medical regimen adherence. Health Psychology, 18, 169-176.

Christensen, A. J., Moran, P. J., Ehlers, S. L., Burke, R. E., & Raichle, K. (1999). Smoking and drinking behavior in patients with head and neck cancer: Effects of behavioral self-blame and perceived control. Journal of Behavioral Medicine, 22, 407-418.

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Jalukar, V., Funk, G. F., Christensen, A. J., Karnell, L. H., & Moran, P. J. (1998). Health states following head and neck cancer treatment: Patient, health care professional, and public perspectives. Head and Neck, 20, 600-608.

Moran, P. J., Christensen, A. J., & Lawton W. J. (1997). Social support and conscientiousness in hemodialysis adherence. Annals of Behavioral Medicine, 19, 333-338.

Christensen, A. J., Moran, P. J., Lawton, W. J., Stallman, D. & Voights, A.L. (1997). Monitoring attentional style and medical regimen adherence in hemodialysis patients. Health Psychology, 16, 256-262.

Christensen, A. J. & Moran, P. J. (1997). Psychosomatic research in end-stage renal disease: A framework for matching patient to treatment (editorial). Journal of Psychosomatic Research, 44, 523-528.

Book Chapters:

Christensen, A. J. & Moran, P. J. (1998). Psychological aspects of end-stage renal disease. In A. Bellack, & M. Hersen (Eds.) Comprehensive Clinical Psychology. (Vol. 8, pp. 321-338). New York: Pergamon


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