TARA Study: Training for Awareness, Resilience, and Action

Is your teen depressed or anxious? Open to learning new skills to help depression and anxiety?

The UCSF TARA study is seeking adolescents age 14-18 for a 6-month study that includes a novel 12-session group program using yoga, breathing and meditation techniques aimed at helping teens learn to slow down, feel safe and calm, regulate emotions, and improve attention and focus.

There is no cost to participate. Participants can receive up to $200 for 4 study visits and other study procedures over 6 months.

Must be 14-18 years old and under the care of a medical or mental health provider. Participation requires parental or guardian permission (unless age 18).

UPDATE: This study is no longer recruiting.

Read the consent form for more details on study participation.

The Developing Brain, Teenage Mood Dysregulation, and What We Can Do to Help”
Dr. Eva Henje Blom, March 2, 2015

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