Integrative Approaches to Cancer Survivorship 2 (IACS2)


The period after the completion of treatment for cancer can represent a void in care for patients and is a time filled with questions about their current and future health.  The Integrative Approaches to Cancer Survivorship 2 study hopes to address some of these concerns by developing and testing individualized approaches for patients who are recovering from breast cancer treatment.  In this study, participants will meet one-on-one with an integrative clinician (Project 1) or health educator (Project 2) in order to get support in making long-term lifestyle decisions around common survivorship issues.

In Project 1, we aim to develop and test a 12-month Integrative Medicine intervention based on Ayurvedic medicine.  Ayurveda, a whole system of medicine that originated in the Indian subcontinent, has its own system of diagnostics and therapeutics, and among its strengths are wellness and prevention. The investigators aim to perform a prospective single arm clinical study of an individualized Ayurvedic approach that includes nutrition, lifestyle, Ayurvedic yoga, and marma (similar to acupressure) therapies  in breast cancer survivors with impaired quality of life. Specifically, the investigators aim to refine the individualized Ayurvedic intervention; to assess feasibility; and to determine whether clinically meaningful effects can be achieved with the intervention.

In Project 2, we aim to develop and test a 6 month individualized Health Education intervention covering topics of relevance to breast cancer survivors.  Study participants will meet one-on-one with trained Health Educators to discuss and review content that will help them in making lifestyle decisions and have informed conversations with their healthcare team.

For both projects, breast cancer patients who have completed therapy with curative intent that includes chemotherapy, are between one month and two years of completing treatment, and have impaired quality of life are eligible. For both projects, patients receiving active treatment for cancer are ineligible. For Project 1, patients who have received Ayurvedic treatment within six months of study entry are ineligible.

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