Cancer Care

cancercareThe Osher Center has two integrative oncologists, a clinical fellow in integrative medicine focusing on integrative oncology, and a nurse practitioner who specializes in working with cancer patients.

Our practitioners are trained in both conventional and complementary medicine. Patients receive a professionally guided and personally oriented set of recommendations that combines a range of therapies, providing a holistic approach and an integrated treatment plan.

In addition to our clinical services, we have free classes for people with cancer and their caregivers, as well as an online Cancer and Nutrition guide.

Our Integrative Medicine oncology specialists are:
Donald Abrams KathleenCavanaugh
Donald Abrams, MD Anand Dhruva, MD  Carla Kuon, MD Kathleen Cavanaugh, NP
Dr. Abrams’ 4-part video series on Integrative Cancer Care:

Watch Dr. Abrams’ presentation on
“Complementary Cancer Care: The Use of Vitamins and Supplements.”


We accept insurance for physician and nurse practitioner visits. Please check your health insurance policy to determine if prior authorization is required.


Please visit our Appointments page to schedule a visit.


Please visit our extensive website on Cancer and Nutrition. Other resources include:

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