Cancer Care

cancercareThe Osher Center has integrative oncologists, as well as acupuncturists who specialize in working with cancer patients. In addition to our clinical services, we have free classes for people with cancer and their caregivers.

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Cancer and Nutrition

You will consult with a board-certified oncologist trained in both conventional and complementary medicine. You will receive a professionally guided and personally oriented set of recommendations that combines a range of therapies, providing you with a holistic approach and an integrated treatment plan.

Our Integrative Medicine Physicians specializing in cancer care are:

donald_abramsDonald Abrams, MD

Watch Dr. Abrams’ presentation on
“Complementary Cancer Care: The Use of Vitamins and Supplements.”

Dr. Abrams’ 4-part video series on Integrative Cancer Care at Commonweal:

Yelp Review 10/30/13

I love the Osher Center! I have regular visits with my oncologist here and he helps me to understand my health from both the western view and an ayruvedic perspective. It’s been hugely helpful in learning to understand my body’s process of dealing with illness. They also offer many other very very useful tools for healing the whole person from access to psychologists for understanding the emotional under lying issues and energy and body work to balance the more subtle energies. Having cancer is not fun but having someplace like The Osher Center to help you get through it all is about the best thing I could imagine. Thanks to everyone there.


We accept insurance for physician visits.

Please visit our Appointments page to schedule a visit.

Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine

The goal of TCM cancer care is to mitigate side effects of conventional cancer treatments, guide you through some of the physical and emotional changes you might experience and integrate your care. Your TCM cancer treatments may include acupuncture, direction on the use of traditional Chinese herbs and supplements, as well as lifestyle changes to enhance the quality of your life.

Watch Dr. Beverly Burns speak about the “Benefits of Traditional Chinese Medicine for Breast Cancer Care.

We are not contracted with insurance companies for acupuncture treatments. Following the visit, we will provide you with documentation if you wish to seek reimbursement from your health insurer.

Please visit our Appointments page to schedule a visit.

Patient Resources

Please visit our extensive website on Cancer and Nutrition. Other resources include:

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