Increase Self-Awareness, Enhance Relaxation


Biofeedback enhances your awareness of personal mind-body connections, and helps you maintain relaxed awareness amidst chronic or acute stress. Many health problems develop from or are amplified by prolonged stress. Biofeedback monitors psychophysiological changes in heart rate, breathing patterns, exhaled CO2 levels, skin temperature, sweat gland activity, and muscle tension. The computerized feedback is displayed so that you and your practitioner can observe the shifts that occur with training.

How biofeedback can help you:

In a series of sessions, you will learn to sense, understand, and regulate your unique stress responses. Improving inner awareness and control will help you alter excessive stress responses and sustain the effects. Each biofeedback session is individually tailored and may include relaxation training, guided imagery or other techniques.

It is particularly beneficial in helping you:

  • Manage anxiety and stress;
  • Prepare for surgery and medical procedures;
  • Enhance your meditation practice;
  • Improve pain management;
  • Manage gastrointestinal issues, such as IBS;
  • Manage or prevent headaches and TMD/TMJ (jaw clenching);
  • Improve cardiac functioning and help lower blood pressure; or
  • Improve awareness and control of the muscular system.

We do not currently offer neurofeedback for ADD/ADHD at the Osher Center.

What the research is showing:

There have been over 150 studies reviewing the effectiveness of biofeedback to train for awareness and self-regulation. Biofeedback is often most effective when coupled with other adjunct trainings, such as relaxation or guided imagery.

Our certified Biofeedback Practitioner is:

Initial visit: $150
Follow-up visit: $100


The Osher Center is not contracted with insurance companies for biofeedback treatments. Following the visit, we will provide you with documentation if you wish to seek reimbursement from your health insurer.


Please visit our Appointments page to schedule a visit.

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