Helen Ye, LAc, MS


“I believe the path to optimal health is through the combined effort of the practitioner and individual. The guidance and skill of a knowledgeable and caring health practitioner along with one’s commitment to her/his health, creates a strong foundation towards the achievement of well-being.”

Helen Ye, LAc, MS is an integrative Chinese medicine practitioner with over 20 years of experience in the healthcare environment, who has been a practicing clinician since 2003. Her background includes specialized work in stress management and women’s health, as well as individuals who have complex health histories, including immune dysfunction, digestive disorder, pain, and those in hospice care.

Helen founded and directed the Rising Phoenix Integrative Medicine Center, a collaborative interdisciplinary center in San Francisco. Additionally, Helen previously practiced at California Pacific Medical Center’s Health & Healing Clinic and has been involved in integrative medicine since 1999. Helen grew this practice and pioneered the first group acupuncture program to be offered in any major medical center, as well as pioneering Integrative Medicine team appointments with a physician, psychotherapist, a Chinese medicine practitioner, and movement therapist/bodyworker.

Helen has given presentations at the national conference for the American Public Health Association and UCSF, as well as many other venues, and has been a contributing writer to the San Francisco Medicine Magazine and other publications.

Helen holds a Master’s of Science degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine from American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine and an undergraduate degree from University of California, Berkeley in Public Health and City Planning.

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