Forest Fein, MA

Curriculum Director and Lead Instructor
Mindfulness Program for Urban Youth

Forest Fein has a master’s degree in Counseling Psychology with a concentration in Mindfulness. He completed postgraduate training at the Mindful Awareness Research Center at UCLA and is a Certified Mindfulness Teacher.

He is the curriculum director and lead instructor of the Mindfulness Program for Urban Youth, a collaboration between the Osher Center and Larkin Street Youth Services. In these programs, Forest designed and is teaching the following three programs:

  • multiple seven-week intensive mindfulness trainings for at-risk and homeless youth
  • weekly drop-in mindfulness and yoga classes at various Larkin locations around San Francisco and
  • 6-month mindfulness programs, as part of the Larkin Street Youth Service’s college and career readiness Learning Centers.

Forest is the founder of “Mindful Human: The Art, Science + Practice of Wise Living,” offering mindfulness consulting, programs, and one-on-on counseling for teens and adults. He has been practicing mindfulness since 1999.

Watch Forest Fein on “Let’s Get Street Smart: Yoga and Mindfulness”

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