Donate: Help Us Put the “Care” Back in Healthcare

The Osher Center for Integrative Medicine is poised to make a significant impact on the field of integrative medicine. Your investment makes a difference in so many people’s lives—from patients at the Osher Center Clinic to the future patients of the healthcare professionals we train to the many beneficiaries of the integrative medicine research we perform at the Osher Center.

Right now, there is an extraordinary opportunity to make a difference in how medicine is practiced in the United States. The field of integrative medicine is still young, and UCSF is one of the most respected academic medical centers embarking on this groundbreaking work. As a result, philanthropic support of integrative medicine at UCSF has a significant impact on the success of the entire field.

UCSF’s commitment to thinking “outside the box” has created an exciting opportunity to study integrative medicine in a scientifically rigorous, open-minded and unbiased manner; to shape innovative medical school curricula and re-tool how health professional students are educated; and to model how to bridge the worlds of conventional and alternative medicine in an integrative medical clinic setting.

UCSF and The Bernard Osher Foundation have provided the start-up funds that launched the Osher Center for Integrative Medicine. Sustaining these vital services is now in the hands of our community. Our ambitious three-fold program of research, education and patient care, offers a better quality of life and real change to many. We welcome and encourage your participation in this exciting venture.

By contributing to the Osher Center for Integrative Medicine, you will have the opportunity to join with UCSF faculty to help shape the future of health care. From this partnership will come improved treatments, innovative methods of healing, and new ways to prevent and treat disease.

For information about donations, pledges or naming opportunities please contact Evan Kavanagh or call 415-353-7223.

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