Clinical Fellowship in Integrative Medicine

The UCSF Osher Center for Integrative Medicine offers specialized training for physicians interested in clinical Integrative Medicine. Our mission is to train highly skilled, compassionate, and innovative leaders in Integrative Medicine. Our two-year clinical fellowship is designed to prepare physicians for academic and clinical careers in Integrative Medicine.

Program Overview
Our program combines three core components:

  • Mentored clinical training in Integrative Medicine (IM);
  • Classroom based educational and experiential learning activities; and
  • Mentorship in IM-related research or other scholarly project.

A distinct emphasis of our fellowship is on practical clinical training in Integrative Medicine. The diverse patient population and range of faculty expertise of the UCSF Osher Center clinic offers significant breadth and depth of clinical training opportunities. In addition to clinical experience, the fellowship draws from the center’s research and education programs, providing a wide selection of faculty to contribute to educational activities, mentorship, and scholarship opportunities.

Shelley R. Adler, PhD, Director, Osher Center for Integrative Medicine
Sanford “Sandy” Newmark, MD, Director, Clinical Programs
Anand Dhruva, MD, Fellowship Director

Eligible Applicants
Applicants to the fellowship program must have successfully completed an accredited residency program at a U.S. or Canadian institution and must be PGY 4 or above.

Salary and Benefits
Salary and benefits will be provided at the PGY 4 UCSF post-graduate level and will include the UCSF housing stipend. In addition to salary, all fellows receive medical insurance, disability insurance, and discounted membership to Millberry Union, which includes a newly renovated health and fitness center. All fellows receive an educational fund to support scholarly activities, such as travel to a national conference.

How To Apply
We are now accepting applications for positions beginning July 2019. For more information or to apply, please contact Yvette Coulter, Program Coordinator. Applicants will be asked to submit:

  1. An updated curriculum vitae
  1. A personal statement that addresses the following areas:
  • A brief summary of pertinent background information that may not be apparent from the CV, such as how the applicant became interested in Integrative Medicine and any prior training in Integrative Medicine;
  • The applicant’s educational goals for the fellowship (e.g., develop expertise in mind-body practices and nutrition);
  • The applicant’s current professional goals following the fellowship, and how completing the fellowship will help to achieve them; and
  • For applicants interested in additional research training, a brief summary of the applicant’s research experience and research interests.
  1. Three letters of reference. If the applicant has recently completed residency, at least one reference must be from the applicant’s residency program leadership (program director or associate program director).
  2. Copy of medical school diploma
  3. Medical school transcripts (can be unofficial)
  4. USMLE scores

Selected applicants will be invited for an in-person interview.

Fellowship Director
Anand Dhruva, MD

Program Coordinator
Yvette Coulter

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