Yvette Coulter

Education Program Manager

Yvette Coulter manages the education programs at the Osher Center. She has been in the healthcare field since 1994, working in both large hospital settings as well as private practice. She studied anthropology, including botanicals and other types of indigenous healing, as part of a Native American Studies program at Northland College in Wisconsin. She has a strong commitment to the mission of the Osher Center and is interested in the ways in which beliefs, meanings, and how the rules of interactions around health and healing impact the patient-physician relationship and communication.

As manager of education programs, she works with faculty instructors to design and evaluate educational programs that are cross-cultural, interdisciplinary, and evidence-based, and that address integrative medicine at both the individual and societal levels. She is also working with Shelley Adler, PhD on three studies of end-of-life experiences among underserved and ethnic minority women with advanced cancer, collaborating with the National Institutes of Health, Susan G. Komen for the Cure and the California Breast Cancer Research Program.

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