Rachel Lanzerotti, MSW, IAYT-Certified Yoga Therapist

Yoga Instructor

Yoga instructor Rachel Lanzerotti is a Body Systems Yoga Therapist, meditation teacher, counselor and health educator. As a dedicated practitioner for over 20 years, Rachel infuses a personalized blend of gentle movement, posture, breathing, meditation, and coaching to help people release tension, relieve pain, improve strength and balance, and increase vitality.

She has led classes at UCSF Osher Center for Integrative Medicine since 2010, also consulting and teaching with many UCSF research studies on yoga’s benefits for low back pain, metabolic syndrome, and cancer survivorship.

Rachel is the founder of Five Rivers Yoga Therapy and the San Francisco Yoga Therapy Collaborative, and she teaches meditation at San Francisco Village, where she launched the Aging Well Program. She has taught at Spirit Rock Meditation Center and was a featured presenter on The Modern Science of Yoga at the SF Asian Art Museum in 2014, a collaboration with the Osher Center.

She has been published in numerous journals, research studies, and periodicals, including Stanford Magazine, and with the Boston Women’s Health Book Collective on topics ranging from yoga, health, aging, and sexuality to gender, racial justice, and human rights.

Rachel holds a Master of Social Work (MSW) from San Francisco State University and a BA in Human Biology and Feminist Studies from Stanford University. For a decade prior to founding Five Rivers Yoga Therapy, Rachel ran an organizational consulting practice with community-based groups, focusing on direct action work for nonprofit and social change organizations.

When she’s not supporting transformation with breathing, mindful movement, and coaching, you can find Rachel cooking delicious Ayurvedic food, walking near the ocean, or sitting a silent meditation retreat.


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