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The Osher Center for Integrative Medicine offers a variety of groundbreaking lectures, classes, workshops, and therapeutic programs for the public. Our programs emphasize patient empowerment, prevention, and whole person healing, and are designed to provide the public with the opportunity to see and hear what is going on with integrative medicine at UCSF inside the worlds of research, education and clinical programs.

All of our programs emphasize prevention as the cornerstone of good health, and underscore how the Osher Center integrates the best of modern medicine with established practices from around the world in order to bring complete healthcare to all people. The annual economic impact of preventable chronic disease is now $1 trillion in the United States. The Osher Center’s group programs seek to address this deficit by empowering individuals to take control of their health and lifestyle choices as a means to preventing disease.

For questions about our classes or how to register, please call 415-353-7718 or e-mail

Mindfulness & Meditation


Living with Cancer

Laughter Yoga

Mini Medical School for the Public

Should you need accommodation in order to apply to or participate in a program offered by the Osher Center, please contact the Osher Clinic Education Coordinator at or 415-353-7718.

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