Osher Center Launches Clinical Fellowship in Integrative Medicine

As a recognized leader in the field of integrative medicine, the Osher Center is actively engaged in creating additional opportunities for healthcare professionals to enter this field. To that end, we have created a new Clinical Fellowship in Integrative Medicine, which is launching this month. We are proud to introduce our two inaugural clinical fellows, Dr. Jonathan Brajtbord and Dr. Brittany Blockman, who begin their work in our clinic this month.

Jonathan Brajtbord, MDJonathonBrajtbord is currently in the 5th year of his urology residency at UCSF, which is dedicated to scholarly work. He has chosen to pursue clinical and research training in integrative medicine during this year.  In addition to the clinical training he will receive through our fellowship, Jonathan is currently designing a randomized controlled trial looking at preoperative guided imagery in patients undergoing major urologic oncology surgery at UCSF.

BrittanyBlockmanBrittany Blockman, MD, MA completed her pediatric residency at UCSF’s Pediatric Leadership for the Underserved (PLUS) program in 2015.  As a resident, she founded the Communitas program, which provides integrative medicine education and experiences, peer support, and empowerment with self-care skills for young people living with chronic illness and their family members. These workshops were held at the Osher Center.

The fellowship lasts one year and begins with a period of clinical observership, designed to give trainees a broad introduction to the practice of Integrative Medicine in our clinic. Observership, mentorship, and educational activities initially prepare fellows for supervised clinical work. By the end of the training period, trainees will acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to practice integrative medicine independently, as it applies their specialty.

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