Dr. Sanford Newmark Video for UCSF “Mission in a Minute” Series

Last year, UCSF launched a new online video series called “Mission in a Minute” to showcase the best of the work that is being done at the university. This year, a diverse group of 14 researchers, clinicians and educators created videos for the series, including our neurodevelopmental pediatrician, Dr. Sanford Newmark.

In addition to Dr. Newmark’s talk on autism and ADHD, others shared about their work in genome sequencing, CT imaging, dental implants, midwifery education, and many other innovative health and science fields and topics. Below is Dr. Newmark’s Mission in a Minute, and all 14 of the new videos may be seen on this YouTube channel.

Natural, Safe Methods to Help Kids with Autism and ADHD, by Sanford Newmark, MD


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