Maurice Kanbar Donates $1Million to Osher Center Endowment

maurice_kanbarWe are honored to announce that Mr. Maurice Kanbar has donated $1 million to the Osher Center endowment campaign. The endowment allows us to integrate new technologies and established healing practices, conduct essential research on integrative medicine, develop new models of care in our clinic, and train the next generation of doctors, nurses and pharmacists at UCSF’s world-class medical school.

In honor of Mr. Kanbar’s generosity, the Osher Center is creating an annual lecture series, the Kanbar Lecture on Innovations in Integrative Medicine. The first in this series will be presented later this year to the gathered international leaders of the five Osher Centers and other invited guests, and will later be broadcast on UCTV.

Mr. Kanbar is a renowned inventor, with 36 patents for such diverse inventions as the Safetyglide hypodermic needle protector, a cryogenic cataract remover, SooFoo organic brown rice and lentils mix, and eyeglasses that cost less than $1, for people in developing countries. He is also the author of Secrets from an Inventor’s Notebook: Advice on Inventing Success. His philanthropic interests lean toward higher education with buildings and/or departments in his name at Philadelphia University, New York University’s Tisch School for the Arts, and Bowdoin College.

We are deeply grateful for Mr. Kanbar’s generosity and we look forward to continued collaboration!

Maurice Kanbar interviewed by Dr. Mary Bitterman, President of the
Bernard Osher Foundation at the Commonwealth Club 6/18/14.

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