Osher Center Provides Reflexology Treatments During Chemotherapy

ReflexologyDuringChemoWebThe Osher Center is partnering with the the UCSF Helen Diller Family Comprehensive Cancer Center to provide free Reflexology foot massage treatments to patients while receiving chemotherapy. Each patient is also given an instructional postcard to take home and continue self-care. This innovative program is sponsored by grants from UCSF Partners in Care and the Lloyd Symington Foundation.

Studies have shown that Reflexology can help cancer patients who are undergoing chemotherapy cope with both the physical and psychological difficulties they may be facing. This novel program, with Reflexology practitioner Paula Koepke, MA, CMT, has been very well-received at the Infusion Center by both patients and staff alike.

Patients have reported decreased anxiety, depression, and insomnia, as well as less nausea and neuropathy symptoms after receiving these treatments.

“Paula brings her expertise in massage therapy and reflexology to our cancer patients with warmth, gentleness and a genuine ability to make people feel better,” said Catherine Mitsuoka, RN, Assistant Nurse Manager of the Infusion Center.  “Our patients are so appreciative of her healing touch – many look forward to Tuesday mornings! The staff of the Infusion Center have embraced Paula as a member of our collaborative team of caregivers.  We are so grateful to the Osher Center and to UCSF Partners in Care and the Lloyd Symington Foundation for supporting this outstanding program.”

Feedback forms indicate that 100% of recipients would “definitely” recommend this service to others receiving chemotherapy.


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