Osher Center Part of AMA Grant to UCSF


Shelley Adler, PhD

UCSF is one of 11 medical schools that the American Medical Association recently awarded a total of $11 million in grants through their “Accelerating Change in Medical Education Initiative.” Our Director of Education, Shelley Adler, PhD, a long-time advocate for interprofessional teamwork within the medical field, is a member of the UCSF team involved in this grant. UCSF’s winning proposal is as follows:

In collaboration with our healthcare partners, this proposal’s “Bridges to High Quality Health Care Curriculum” seeks to create the “collaboratively expert physician,” one who embraces the responsibility to work within interprofessional teams to continuously improve the safety, quality and value of health care. This accelerated, competency-based curriculum will be explicitly designed so that from the first day of medical school, students actively contribute to the continuous improvement of our health care systems while they learn the competencies needed to provide care for patients and populations. Entering students will be embedded into clinical microsystems to advance the improvement initiatives. Long-term assignments will ensure that students have sufficient time to build relationships with the diverse professionals and patients, and share in ownership for the outcomes of the system. Competency based assessment systems will provide the opportunity for students to complete their core learning in an accelerated timeframe.

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