Dr. Wolf Mehling to Speak at Embodying Neuroscience Conference

wolf_mehlingOn August 31, Osher Center practitioner Dr. Wolf Mehling will give a presentation on Researching Body Awareness at the 2012 Feldenkrais Method Annual Conference, entitled “Embodying Neuroscinece: The Feldenkrais Method in Human Development, Performance & Health.” Dr. Mehling will present his research on body awareness, how to measure it and how to understand the complex concept from different perspectives in science and society.  The conference is open to the public, as well as Feldenkrais practitioners and trainees.

Dr. Mehling will also be presenting at a conference in Berlin, Germany on August 22, on “Fortschritte in der Mind/Body Medizin und ihre Bedeutung für Atem-und Körpertherapie,” about new research in mind-body medicine with implications for breath and body therapies, at the Immanuel Hospital, Department for Integrative Medicine.

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