Rick Hecht, Osher Center Director of Research Interviewed in New York Times

In a New York Times article entitled “Finding a Sustainable Running Stride,” which discusses a training course for runners that combines aspects of biomechanics with Tai Chi, UCSF Osher Center Director of Research Rick Hecht, MD discusses how his personal interest in running in a more healthy way turned into a research study.

Dr. Hecht explained that before the Chi Running training, “I could do my long runs, but I would feel pretty beat up afterward, sore in my muscles; my joints would feel really stressed.” After the training, which involves an integrated approach that includes proper posture, core strength, relaxed legs and mindfulness, “I feel like I could do the same kinds of distances I was doing before, and I don’t feel beat up in the same way. It feels much better running, particularly long distances.”

Dr. Hecht is now pioneering research in this area, conducting a diet and fitness study of about 200 people to measure Chi Running’s effect on blood pressure.

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