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Please feel free to peruse our integrative medicine video library, from our six series:


Adolescent Brain Development: Understanding Unique Opportunities for Early Intervention and Prevention

Advances in Prevention and Treatment of Breast Cancer

Alternative Treatments for Depression: Do They Work?

Applying Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy to Treatment: The Practicing Alternatives to Heal Depression Study

Approaches to Care Giving

The Art and Science of Mind-Body Medicine


The Beauty of the Multi-system Effect of Tai Chi Chuan Practice

Being Alive Now

Benefits of Traditional Chinese Medicine for Breast Cancer Care

The Biology of Depression: How Stress Affects the Brain and the Body

Body, Breath, and Psyche: Tapping into the Transformative Power of Yoga

Body Image: Don’t Let “Ideal” Get in the Way of Real Health

Brain, Mind and Behavior: Emotions and Health – The Promise of Mind-Body Medicine

Bringing the Wisdom and Science of Traditional Diets to Our Own Plates

Building Better Bones: Women’s Guide to Preventing and Treating Osteoporosis


Chronic Disease Management – Herbs and Supplements: The Science Behind the Spin

Communicating Brains: From Autism and Dyslexia to Progressive Aphasia

Complementary and Alternative Medicine: Ayurvedic Medicine

Complementary and Alternative Medicine: Healthy Aging – Ways to Optimize Your Health

Complementary and Alternative Medicine: Herbs and Supplements

Complementary and Alternative Medicine: Mind-Body-Spirit Medicine

Complementary and Alternative Medicine: Spirituality and Health–What Does the Medical Literature Say?

Complementary and Alternative Medicine: Traditional Chinese Medicine – Acupuncture, Meridians, and Chi

Coping and Resilience: How to Cope with Unattainable Goals

Coping With Stress – Biofeedback: Self-Mastery Beyond Pills

Coping With Stress – Imaginative Solutions for Stress Relief

Coping With Stress – Minding the Body: Cognitive-Behavioral Stress Reduction

Coping With Stress – Staying Sane Through Difficult Times

Coping With Stress – Stress, Eating and Premature Aging

Cycling Series: Bike Fit: It’s All About the Bike

Cycling Series: Cycling and the Skin

Cycling Series: Cycling Gadgets: Self Tracking Gadgets for Training and Health

Cycling Series: Cycling Injuries: Diagnosis and Treatment

Cycling Series: A Day in the Life of a World Tour Cycling Team Doctor

Cycling Series: It’s All About the Mind: The Psychology of Cycling

Cycling Series: Nutrition for Cycling: Fueling Your Human Powered Vehicle

Cycling Series: What is it Like to Be a Professional Cyclist?


Dietary Fats: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Dietary Fiber: The Most Important Nutrient?

Do 2.5 Million Children Really Need Ritalin? An Integrative Approach to ADHD

Do 4.2 Million Children Really Need Ritalin? An Integrative Approach to ADHD – 2014 Update

Dr. Andrew Weil’s Vision for the Future of Integrative Medicine


The Ecology of the Child: A Post-modern View of Pediatric and Adolescent Mental Health

Emotional Vibrancy and Well-Being: Even in Modern-Day Culture?

Enhancement of Coping, Mind-Body Skills, Use of Proactive Coping


Family Caregiving as Fate but Also Opportunity: Views from Mind and Body

Fat Chance: Fructose 2.0

The Female Brain: Balancing Social Expectations with Your Own Health

Follow Your Heart: Anatomy of the Cardiovascular System, Part I

Follow Your Heart: Anatomy of the Cardiovascular System, Part II

From Popular Wisdom to Scientific Evidence: Evaluating the Efficacy of Herbs and Supplements


Gender and Coping: Coping Within a Social Context


Healing Through Dance: When the Body Speaks and the Spirit Moves

Health and Vitality: What Science Tells Us About How to Thrive

The Health Benefits of Tai Chi: Art and Science

Health in the Summer Season: A Traditional Chinese Medicine Approach

Healthy Family: The Integrative Medicine Approach to Supporting Healthy Children

Heather Gold’s Hope During her Journey with Cancer

Heart Matters: Physiology of the Body’s Powerhouse


Immunology 101: The Basics and Introduction to our Patient

Integrating Complementary and Conventional Therapies in Cancer Care

Integrative Medicine: Can We Truly Integrate Care?


Learning to Relax

Living Longer, Living Better-Chromosome Ends and Diseases of Aging

Living Longer, Living Better-Energize Yourself, Stay Physically Active

Living Longer, Living Better-The Gift of Story: The Art of Living Every Minute of Your Life

Living Longer, Living Better-Sleep: The Forgotten Key to Health and Wellness

Living Longer, Living Better-Vitamins and Supplements: Vital or Superfluous?


Massage Therapy and Bodywork, A-Z

Mind-Body Interventions: Is there Power in Positive Thinking?

Mind-Body Skills and Self-Regulation: A Look at When, Why and How for Children and Adolescents

Mind Over Bladder: Preventing and Managing Urinary Incontinence

Mind Your Heart: Stress, Mental Health and Heart Disease

Momentary Assessments in Stress and Coping; Spiritual Dimensions of Coping


Natural, Safe Methods to Help Kids with Autism and ADHD (UCSF Mission in a Minute series)

The New Science of Stress and Stress Resilience

New Scientific Strategies for Managing Stress, Building Resilience and Bringing Balance to Life

Nutrition and Cancer

Nutrition in a Bottle: A Scientific Review of Vitamins, Minerals and Supplements


Obesity: Facts and Fictions

Outsmarting Stress and Enhancing Resilience

Oncology from Top to Bottom: A Survey of Cancers through the Gastrointestinal Tract

Overcoming the Superwoman Syndrome: Creating Your Personal Path to Wellness

Overuse Injuries: How to Solve the Challenging Puzzle


Positive Emotion in the Midst of Stress: It’s Not Crazy, it’s Adaptive!

Principles of a Healthy Diet: How Do We Know What to Eat?

The Psychology of Meditative Thinking: A Practical and Philosophical Approach to Wellness in Integrative Medicine


The Role of the Body’s Natural Defenses in the Prevention and Treatment of Cancer


The Science and Art of Integrative Medicine

The Science of Healthy Aging: Living Better, Not Just Longer

Self-Management of Health in Late Life

Spirituality and Health in Late Life

Staying Balanced and Fit at Any Age

Staying in the Now: Maintaining Mental Health Through Mindfulness

Stress – Coping Theory and Grief, Meaning Making Coping in Cancer Survivorship

Stress is the Norm: It’s How You Cope with it that Matters

Stuck in the Supplement Aisle? How to Choose and Use the Right Product

Sugar: The Bitter Truth


Telomeres and Telomerase and Their Implications for Cancer and Diseases of Aging


Using the Mind Body Continuum to Treat Pain


Vaccinations for Adults and Adolescents: Facts and Fiction


The War on Bugs: Antibiotic Use and Co-Existence with the Microbial World

Why is Health Reform So Difficult: Will it Slow the Growth in Spending?

Women and Sleep: From Stressful to Restful

Women’s Guide to Heart Health: New Strategies for Reducing Risk from A(ctivity) to Y(oga)

Women’s Guide to Building Resistance, Outsmarting Stress, and Optimizing Health in Today’s World

Women’s Health and the Environment: What’s Safe and What’s Not

Worrying Well: How Your Brain Can Turn Anxiety and Stress Into Calmness and Confidence


Yoga is for Everyone: An Introduction to Gentle Chair Yoga

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