Research Team Publications

Abercrombie, Priscilla, RN, NP, PhD

Peer Reviewed Books:

Abercrombie, P. Menopause Transition. Clinical Guidelines for Advanced Practice Nurses: An Interdisciplinary Approach. Collins-Bride, G. & Saxe, J. Editors. Jones & Bartlett. In press.

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Peer Reviewed Articles:

Abercrombie, P. (2010). Providing Holistic Care for Women with Pelvic Pain. Beginnings, AHNA, Winter Issue.

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Acree, Michael, PhD

Peer Reviewed Articles:

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Avins, Andrew, MD, MPH

Peer Reviewed Articles:

Aldana, S. G., Whitmore, W. R., Greenlaw, R., Avins, A. L., Thomas, D., Salberg, A., Greenwell, A., Lipsenthal, L., Fellingham, G. W. (in press). Effect of intense lifestyle modification and cardiac rehabilitation on psychosocial cardiovascular disease risk factors and quality of life. Behavior Modification.

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Becker, David, MD, MPH

Books and Chapters:

Culbert T, Maizes V, Mendenhal T, Becker D. Integrative Assessment & Treatment Planning in Pediatrics. In Culbert T, Olness K, eds. Integrative Pediatrics. Oxford University Press Integrative Medicine Library; 2009.

Other Publications:

Becker DK. Mavericks, Missionaries, and Misfits. San Francisco Medicine. 2009;82(2):23-24.

Becker DK. Healthy Kids, Happy Lives. Educational Web Column published by the Osher Center for Integrative Medicine web site. Began June, 2008.

Becker DK, Kelly, M. A Rapid Survey of Nutritional Status of Children 6-59 months in refugee camps in Jaffna, Sri Lanka. Doctors Without Boarders. 2000. (published internally)

Becker, DK. North Carolinians’ Opinions About Gun Control Measures: An analysis of data from the Fall, 1994, Carolina Poll. 1996 Unpublished Masters thesis.


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Dorofi DB, Becker DK, Killinger Jr WA, Johnson Jr G, and Blair A Keagy. A Low Potassium/Low Chloride Organ Preservation Solution Enhances Endothelial Cell Viability In Vitro. Unpublished abstract.

Moran, Patricia, PhD

Peer Reviewed Articles:

Rabkin, J.G., McElhiney, M., Moran P., Acree, M., Folkman, S. (2009). Depression, Distress and Positive Mood in Late-Stage Cancer: A Longitudinal Study.  Psycho-Oncology, 18(1), 79-86.

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Book Chapters:

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Prathikanti, Sudha, MD

Peer Reviewed Articles:

Prathikanti, S. (2004). Psychodynamic and Clinical Considerations in Women With Delusions of Pregnancy. Article currently in preparation for Birth Journal.

Prathikanti, S. (2004). Sociocultural Context and the Development of Self in Women of Color. Article currently in preparation for Journal of Multicultural Counseling & Development.

Book Chapters:

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