Are you interested in mind-body practices and research?

We are recruiting healthy adults (age 25-65) with:

  1. very little or no meditation experience or
  2. an established meditation practice for at least the past 5 years

for a study of body awareness using brain imaging (functional magnetic resonance imaging or fMRI).

We are recruiting people for:

  1. an initial phase to develop the experiment with no fMRI scan, and
  2. an fMRI phase of the study.

Tasks include paying attention to sensations in the body, thinking about plans for the day, and cognitive tasks such as a memory task.

The study involves filling out an online screening questionnaire, completing a phone screening interview, completing online surveys, and one visit to the UCSF Osher Center for Integrative Medicine (Mt. Zion campus) or the UCSF Neuroscience Imaging Center (Mission Bay campus).

Participants must be physically healthy with no chronic medical conditions, no current psychiatric conditions, a non-smoker, body-mass index of 30 or less, and MRI-compatible if interested in the MRI study (no metal implants, no claustrophobia).

No cost to participate. Participants will be paid $45-$65 and reimbursed for travel.

Read the Consent Form for more details on study participation.

Fill out the online survey to see if you may qualify.

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