Inpatient Services

Inpatient Therapeutic Laughter Program

Is Laughter the best medicine? Laughter Nurses Teresa Corrigan RN, MA, BCB, CLYT, Renee Rivera RN, DAS, RYT, CLYL and Rhonda Rungsitiyakorn RN, CLYL are working with patients on the fifth floor at the UCSF Mt. Zion Hospital, bringing laughter medicine to the bedside. The response from both patients and staff has been tremendous.

While being in the hospital may not seem like a laughing matter, research shows that a couple of good belly laughs can have far-reaching health benefits, including enhanced pain management, a boosted immune system, and improved respiration.  There’s nothing like laughter to help elevate everyone’s mood and manage the stress of being in the hospital!  Family friends, and staff are encouraged to participate.

Maree Brady, Nurse Manager of Mt. Zion Hospital’s fifth floor says, “I can’t recommend this therapy strongly enough; my staff say the benefits are very palpable after the laughter sessions.  This translates to healing and simple everyday human contact, which makes patients and staff alike feel good!”

If you are a patient on Mt. Zion Hospital’s fifth floor, please let your nurse know if you would like to be seen by one of the Laughter Nurses.

Additional opportunities for laughing after discharge include our free Laughter Yoga classes and for cancer patients, our free Laughter Infusion sessions.

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