Mind-Body and Resilience Group Visit for Teens with Chronic Illness: Communitas


  • Does your child have a chronic illness that affects daily living?
  • Is your child looking for new ways to manage stress or symptoms?
  • Is your child interested in meeting other kids who are dealing with similar issues?

Dr. Brittany Blockman:
Transforming the Experience of Pediatric Chronic Illness through Mind-Body Medicine

Communitas is a group medical visit for teens living with chronic illness and their parents. The goal of Communitas is to improve the lives, health, and well-being of young people living with chronic illness and their families by providing integrative medicine education and experiences, mind-body and mindfulness instruction, peer support, and empowerment with self-care skills.

Specifically, we will be teaching and practicing various mind-body and stress management skills, including meditation, mindfulness practices, breathing techniques, biofeedback, guided imagery, movement, and reflective and creative practices — all within a supportive group setting. We will also explore ways in which illness and adversity can lead to cultivation of resilience and positive transformation if given the right tools and community.


  • 12-19 year-olds living with a chronic physical condition (must be cognitively intact enough to be able to participate in the program in a meaningful way)
  • Parents/guardians group included, which meets separately from teen group

Instructor: Brittany Blockman, MD

Dates: 7 Wednesdays: January 25 – March 8, 2017, 3:30 – 5:00 pm with check-ins starting at 3:15

Fee: Communitas is covered by most insurance, including Medi-Cal.
Please call 415-353-7716 for details.

Registration: Please call 415-353-7716 to register.

Flyer: Download the printable flyer (PDF).

Website: www.communitas-health.org

Questions? Please e-mail Brittany Blockman, MD

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