Osher Center’s “Calm Mouse” Research on Cover of Molecular Medicine

The cover of the April 2012 issue of Molecular Medicine featured Osher Center research on the “calm mouse model” of stress reduction, which was was led by Osher Fellow Blake Gurfein, PhD. In this study, mice were placed in cages with enhancements designed to reduce stress, and several physiological measurements were compared within four intervention and control groups.

The results suggest that the calm mouse model represents a promising approach to studying the biological effects of stress reduction in the context of health and in conjunction with existing disease models.

The research team includes: Blake T Gurfein, Andrew W Stamm, Peter Bacchetti, Mary F Dallman, Nachiket A Nadkarni, Jeffrey M Milush, Chadi Touma, Rupert Palme, Charles Pozzo Di Borgo, Gilles Fromentin, Rachel Lown-Hecht, Jan Pieter Konsman, Michael Acree, Mary Premenko-Lanier, Nicolas Darcel, Frederick M Hecht, and Douglas F Nixon.


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  1. I really like the image of the mouse relaxing in a
    stress free way.

    On a serious note I think more research should be done
    on stress and another way of reducing stress is by
    doing yoga poses exercises.

    The research team of Blake Gurfein, PhD keep the
    good work up.

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